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Remote access is allowed to the network of TUC and the Internet via PSTN or ISDN. Bandwidth reaches 128 kbps. The local numbers for the service (low billing) are 8962450505 and 8962450405. Users calling outside Chania’s Prefecture may use 2821026530 (standard OTE billing).
In addition, the University participates in Diodos, a programme of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology. Through the programme interested students and faculty may be given ADSL broadband access at special rates, using TUC’s IP addresses.

Whom it may concern?

The service concerns members of the academic community who want a simple or a broadband access to the Internet and live in an area where they cannot have TUC@HOME wireless access.

How may I get access?


In order to have ADSL via DIODOS programme, please visit diodos website. You will get the necessary information about the programme and the offers by ADSL providers.


An ISC account is required in order to have a dialup connection.
Supported protocols are PPP and SLIP


  • Windows XP, Linux, MacOS: PPP is recommended for:
    • Windows XP (Dial-Up Networking) for PCs
    • MacOS (Free PPP) for Macintosh
    • Linux

Dialup Settings

  • Name Server (DNS): obtained by server
  • IP Address: obtained by server
  • Numbers
    8962450505 for PSTN
    8962450405 for ISDN
    2821026530 (ISDN/PSDN) for long distance calls
  • User name and password credentials are the same as your ISC account.

Attention for Unix/Linux Users: you may need to type twice the backslash before your username, i.e.  ISC\\<username>

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