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The Educational Computer Infrastructure Department has computer labs for public use located at the building K2.

Whom it may concern?

All academic members:  faculty, students, staff, visitors etc.

How may I get access?

You need to have a user account in order to log on to a PC.

Lab Schedules:

  • Fall/Spring Hours:
    Monday – Friday
    • Building K2: 09:00am-9:00pm
  • Summer/Break Hours
    Monday – Friday
    • Building Κ2: 09:00am-03:00pm

Building Unit

The Building Unit became operational in October 2004 on the ground floor of the building K2. It consists of 5 rooms with 142 workstations used to carry out laboratory courses but also for free use by students.


The computer halls are used during the academic year to carry out laboratory courses and also by the student for the implementation of their projects.The Computer Center currently has the following classrooms:

New Building Unit

  • Hall AA (Κ2) with 34 workstations
  • Hall AB (Κ2) with 34 workstations
  • Hall BA (K2.007) with 25 workstations
  • Hall BB (K2.002) with 25 workstations
  • Hall AC (Κ2) with 20 workstations
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