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The Technical University of Crete has the latest version of the Matlab software from Mathworks, together with the Simulink package and all available toolboxes, through the new Campus-Agreement subscription. 

Users can either install the software on their personal computer or use the online version of Matlab. The versions provided are for MS Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.

Who is it for? 

It is for all students, teaching and research staff of the academic community and is intended for teaching, study and research purposes only. 


How do I obtain it?

To use the Matlab software, users must: 

Users will then be able to login to either the Mathworks portal or the online version of Matlab via their institutional account and the institution's SSO mechanism, in order to: 

  • download and install locally on their computer (on as many devices as they wish) the full Matlab package as described in the "Software Installation Instructions", or 
  • use the Online version of Matlab 
  • attend over 100 hours of interactive Online-Tutorials to learn the software and toolboxes through the Matlab Academy 

The Matlab software that will be installed on local computers can be used by computers inside or outside the network of the University of Crete. 


Instructions for Creating a Personal Account on the Mathworks Portal 

To create a personal account on the Mathworks portal, users should follow the steps below: 

1. visit the Mathworks Portal for the Technical University of Crete and click on "Sign in to get started". 

2. In the new window, enter the founding email of their account (ATTENTION: it must be exclusively of the form @tuc.gr, other forms such as e.g. ece.tuc.gr etc. are not accepted) and proceed by clicking Next. 

3. The SSO page of the institution is then displayed. Users are prompted to enter their institutional details (username and password), and accept the upload of their name and email to the Mathworks portal to proceed with the profile creation.  

4. To complete the creation of their profile, users need to fill in some additional mandatory information requested by Mathworks such as the country they are in, the school they belong/study at (there is a predefined list of Engineering Schools by Mathworks) and their role in the institution, as shown in the image below. 

5. They must then accept the Online Services Agreement and click "Create" to complete the account creation process.

6. When logging into the Mathworks Portal, you will be prompted the first time to select a web site to determine the display language. 

7. After selecting the language, users enter the Mathworks portal, where they can choose to install Matlab from the "Install Matlab" option or use the Matlab Online version directly from the "Use Matlab Online" option. 

8. Upon completion of the process, the Mathworks portal sends an automated confirmation message of the account creation to the users' founding email. 


Software Installation Instructions 

Before proceeding to install the software, users should check the minimum requirements of the installation system, via the Minimum System Requirements web page.  

Then, from the Matlab Online website or from the Mathworks Portal for the Technical University of Crete, users can login via SSO using their institutional credentials. 

From the Matlab Online interface, users can download the Matlab software to proceed with the installation by selecting the "Install Matlab" button or use the online version by selecting the "Open MATLAB Online" button. 

Matlab software is provided for MS Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. 


Software right control 

The first time users log in to the Mathworks Portal to create their personal account, they will log in to the institution's User Certification/Authorization Service via Shibboleth, in order to be verified by the Technical University of Crete that they are active members and meet the requirements for using the application (they belong to the categories of users that can use it). 

The above certification and authorization procedure for the use of the application will be repeated once (1) a year, on the anniversary of the renewal of the software license or each time the user installs the software on a new computer. The user will be notified fifteen (15) days prior to the expiration date that his/her license will need to be re-verified. 


Helpful Information 

Για βοηθητικές πληροφορίες μπορείτε να ανατρέξετε στο Portal της Mathworks και συγκεκριμένα στις παρακάτω πηγές:

  • Installation Guides: Helpful software installation videos 
  • Online Training Suite: Interactive Online-Tutorials for learning the software and toolboxes through the Matlab Academy 
  • MATLAB Examples: Examples and collections of freely available code for a large number of tools and applications 
  • MATLAB Grader: Tool for creating and automatically grading student exercises (for teachers) 


Additional products 

The following products are included in the Matlab license provided by the institution:

  • RoadRunner: 3D automated driving simulation software 
  • Polyspace: software for detecting and debugging critical real-time errors (runtime errors, bugs, security vulnerabilities) in C/C++ and ADA code 
  • MATLAB Parallel Server: ability to run matlab code on cluster/cloud systems 
  • MATLAB Web App Server: Matlab application presentation software via web browser 

Για να αποκτήσετε πρόσβαση/χρησιμοποιήσετε κάποιο από τα παραπάνω, πρέπει να αποστείλετε αίτημα στο Γραφείο Αρωγής Χρηστών, μέσω της πλατφόρμας helpdesk.tuc.gr.


Technical Support 

  • For technical support regarding the installation and use of the software, you can speak directly with the Mentor Support Team (Mathworks' representative in Greece) at support@mentorhellas.com and with the Mathworks Support Team 
  • For issues related to the institutional account and the institution's SSO authentication mechanism, you can contact the institution's Help Desk (tel. 28210-37400 or admin@isc.tuc.gr)  
  • Especially for professors and researchers, specialized support in the use of MathWorks toolboxes is provided by Mr. Alex Tarchini (Customer Success Engineer) +39-011-227-4751, atarchin@mathworks.com. 


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