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Through Microsoft 365 cloud services, you can access applications such as Office 365, One Drive, Teams, Share Point, etc. User data is stored in Microsoft 365 infrastructure, in data-centers outside the institution, located in Europe and meeting all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR). 


Who is it for?

The services apply to all members of the academic community, with different rights depending on their category: 

- Active students and active staff (faculty members, RTD/HRD, administrative staff, scientific collaborators) have access to the online version of the Microsoft 365 service and can install MS Office 365 software locally on their computers, through the Microsoft 365 Education A3 package.

- Graduates and retired staff have access to the online version of Microsoft 365 through the Microsoft 365 Education A1 package. 


How do I obtain it? 

Each user uses his/her e-services account at the Technical University of Crete to gain access. 

To sign in to MS Office 365 services:

  • visit https://login.microsoftonline.com/?whr=tuc.gr 
  • to log in, enter your username in the form username@tuc.gr where username is the username of your e-services account at the institution  
  • as password, enter the password of the e-services account you have with the institution 


Installation instructions 

Through the Microsoft 365 Education A3 package, current students and staff of the institution can install MS Office 365 software locally on their computer, laptop or tablet (installation on up to 5 devices is allowed) using their institutional account. 

Before you install MS Office 365 you should know that: 

For more installation instructions, see the MS Office 365 Installation Guide file (you can use various apps to help you translate it, for example: https://www.deepl.com/https://translate.google.gr/ etc). 


Period of validity of the license 

a) The license is a subscription license, renewed annually by the institution

b) the license remains active for your account for as long as you have the status of active student or staff at the Technical University of Crete



The Directorate for Telecommunications, Networks and Computer Infrastructure provides and supports the interconnectivity with the service. Under no circumstances shall it be responsible for the operation of the service and the data stored through it.

Notes: The interface to the MS Office365 service via Delos365, has been removed from 13.12.2021. 


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