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Every building in the campus has access to the telephone network. Users of this service obtain modern telephone devices and a phone number. TUC phone numbers have the following format:
        +30 282103 7XXX or +30 282100 6XXX
Numbers 7XXX and 6XXX form an internal numbering plan and may be used directly for internal telephone connections.
PBX centers have the capacity to establish VoIP calls and offer features like voice mail, call forwarding, send and receive fax, restriction, etc.


Whom it may concern?

Faculty, staff, lab members, students who live at the dormitories may have telephone connection.

How may I get one?

Initially, you have to fill out an online application. Then, you must print the form and sign it (the director of the department that you belong must also sign it). The original form has to be brought to our office. As soon as we receive it, we will contact you and will inform you about the available telephone number. You will also get a telephone device.
VoIP service

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