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Frantzis Xenofon

Staff photoLocation of the office on map
Full Name:Frantzis Xenofon
Category:Laboratory Teaching Staff (EDIP)
Academic Department:MRE (School of Mineral Resources Engineering)
Laboratory:GeoMatLab (Geodesy and Geomatics Enigineering Lab)
Location:Office: Μ3.308, MRED Building (Μ3), 3rd Floor


Xenophon Frantzis is a Mineral Resources Enginner with an Msc in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). He has extensive experience in the installation of Continuous Operating Reference Stations (CORS), in communication systems (satellite, cellular, broadband), network administration and in algorithm development for automatic management (error checking , local storage, upload to file servers) of GNSS and other scientific data (water level, meteorological instruments). He has experience in GNSS processing with GAMIT, GIPSY and BERNESE scientific software. He is responsible for data processing and time series analysis of the west Crete GNSS station network of the Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering Laboratory of the Technical University of Crete. He has extensive experience in Windows and UNIX / Linux operating systems, c/bash shell programming for data management, process automation, and subsystem control. He has experience in Matlab and FORTRAN programming.

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