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Argyropoulos Spyros

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Full Name:Argyropoulos Spyros
Category:Laboratory Teaching Staff (EDIP)
Academic Department:ECE (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Laboratory:InteLLigence (Intelligent Systems Laboratory)
Location:Office: 141Α-14, Science/ECE Building (Λ), 1st Floor


Speciality: Computer & Informatics Engineer

Short CV: Received his Diploma in Informatics and Computer Engineering from the Informatics and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Patras and his Master's degree in Computer Engineering (M.Eng.) from the Electronics and Computer Engineering Department of the Technical University of Crete. From 1994 to 1996 he served in the Greek Army. In 1996 he worked as a Marketing Manager in the Sales Department of an Internet Service Provider company in Athens. In 1997 he worked as an Informatics Engineer in the Applications Department of the General Secretariat of Information Systems of the Ministry of Finance and participated in the development of the Tax Information System (TAXIS) and the design/development of the Online Internet Services (TAXISnet). From 2002 he works as System Administrator and Researcher in the Intelligent Systems Laboratory (Technical University of Crete, Greece, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering).


  • Master's degree in Computer Engineering (M.Eng.) Technical University of Crete, Greece, Electronics and Computer Engineering Department, July 1994
  • Diploma in Informatics and Computer Engineering, University of Patras, Greece, Informatics and Computer Engineering Department, September 1990

Research Areas: Information Systems, Data Bases, Web Technologies

Sector: Computer Science Division

Laboratory: Intelligent Systems Laboratory

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