RawD Trip summer school - at AGH Krakow, Poland

a summer school on copper ore as the basic raw material in high-tech, which will take place at AGH in Cracow from September 2-13, 2019.


The summer school offers master and bachelor students a unique opportunity to acquaint themselves with various elements of the Raw Materials value chain: from mining through processing and products use to the production of waste, their recycling and reuse. The summer school is based on copper ore as the basic raw material in high-tech.


2-13 of September, 2019
7 days of excursion
3 days of studies


1.        History of Cu
2.        World Cu resources
3.        European Cu resources
4.        Cu –mining technologies
5.        Cu processing and metallurgy
6.        Reclamation and rehabilitation of old sites related to Cu industry
7.        Cu in environment (contamination of water, soill, risks)
8.        Cu recycling
9.        Cu uses

Participation is free of charge.

Scholarship: 500€ (to cover the travel costs)

✔APPLY NOW: http://www.rawd-trip.agh.edu.pl/#application-form
·        Application deadline: 28th of June

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